Tracey Benson

is creating transdisciplinary ArtSci projects and writing.
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About Tracey Benson

My work as an artist and researcher cuts across many areas - science, art, craft and technology. Increasingly these themes have also aligned with collaboration and knowledge sharing with Indigenous communities in Australia and New Zealand.

Issues around social and cultural empowerment, environmental awareness and sustainability behaviour change are all key motivators for my work as a creative producer, writer and educator.

Current projects:
  • Waters of the Past - a project exploring ancestry, migration and journeying
  • Way of the Turtle - a collaborative transdisciplinary project focused on knowledge sharing and community and cultural empowerment.
  • Words for Water - an ongoing project exploring the cultural and environmental importance of water.

Your Patreonage supports:
1. Working across cultures and disciplines. A big part of my work involves learning from and sharing with many types of communities. I often work collaboratively with Indigenous communities in Australia and New Zealand and your support would help continue this important work.

2. Time and space to write and discuss ideas. Increasingly I am writing and presenting at conferences in Australia and overseas. Your support will help to fund this research output, which seeks to challenge established ways of thinking about knowledge and culture.

3. Creative outputs. As an artist I work with a broad range of media including photography, video, augmented reality, found objects and open data. More recently I have been also incorporating eco-dyed up-cycled materials into my work. Funding would help cover the costs of production.

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All contributions above $2400 milestone will be redistributed to other Creators who participate in the Basic Income Guarantee project. Aside from that 2017 is going to be a big year and I need some support to make it happen.
Here is what is in the calendar so far:
Jan-Feb, Exhibition at CSIRO Discovery Centre
March, Residency in Gisborne NZ
April, Exhibition at Outdoor Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre
Aug-Oct, Residency at Drammen Union Square, Norway
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