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is creating video essays about History, Politics and Philosophy

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About Then & Now

I need your help! You can support Then & Now for as little as $1 per month.

Youtube's advertising rates pay about $1 per a thousand views. Making Then & Now videos is a full-time job but until a Youtubers videos are getting hundreds of thousands of views Youtube's ad rates don't pay the rent!

Which means I need your help. Supporting the channel - even if its just a dollar - is a huge help. In fact, it's the only way Then & Now survives.

I hope to build a community here that makes supporting me worth it. I will publish scripts and audio as soon as they're ready. And I will soon be posting videos a few days early for Patreon subscribers.

I also answer any questions Patreon supporters have about any of the topics I've covered!

You can pledge any amount and set a monthly limit!

To those who do: Thank you!

Then & Now is a YouTube channel that creates short video essays about history, politics and philosophy. Grounded in the humanities, and always looking towards an interdisciplinary approach, I've made videos on topics from philosophers like Derrida, Heidegger, Locke and Rousseau, to historical events like the aftermath of World War Two and the Spanish Civil War. 
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I will invest in more equipment, have more time to work on each video, and hopefully be able to travel to locations more and interview guests.
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