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Thanks for your support! I will send out a "digital extra" from time to time that only Patrons will see and that includes you!

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You like what I do and want me to keep doing it. In addition to the good karma that comes with being awesome, as a Friend you can obtain one ticket to one of the events I run at half price. 

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In addition to simply offering more support (for which you have my thanks)  you are entitled to one ticket per month to one of my events for free AND any you can obtain any tickets after that first that same month for half price. 

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For those who are willing and able to contribute financially to the well being and growth of the events I coordinate.  In recognition of your support you receive free tickets to all of my events. In addition, backers at Dragon or above will also be invited to special events - seats will be offered first to Titans, then Beholders then Dragons. These events will include tabletop adventures in the Gateway world during our "off" months, Black Rose one offs featuring notable characters from the setting and games that use NURG to explore new and exciting genres. 

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Your generosity is legend. Why beholder? Because they are bad ass. Like you. In addition to the free tickets and priority access to special events you will be added to  the "Council of the Wise" and will be consulted when I need to decide what gets developed first. 

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The sky weeps and the earth trembles at your approach. All bow down in deference to your majesty. The gods themselves sing your praises joyful that you have spared them from a half day of driving for Lyft each month. You will be among the very first offered tickets to special events I run so will always have a seat when you want one. I will also add a character or monster (your choice) to one of my settings (your choice) inspired by you. 

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You have transcended mere mortal levels of support. In the Gateway Chronicles adventure LARP campaign you will be able to choose a Boon from every Tier every month and you will be able to create and guide the actions of a Demigod, even taking the role in the live game from time to time! Other rewards are being developed and will be posted as they are approved.

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There are very special rewards for this level of support in all of the games I run. In addition for every 2 months you support at this level I will create and run a private game for you according to your specifications for as many people as you care to invite. This can be run in person if I can get to you (or vice versa) or online rising Roll d2p, Skype or any other tool you prefer. 




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About The Wandering Wizard

Welcome Adventurer! I am a game designer who has been in and around the industry since the very beginning. I'm also an artist and performer. You can read more about me HERE.

I design games and facilitate game experiences which includes everything from running tabletop roleplaying games to creating events such as stage shows and live action role-playing games.  

Two of the main things I am currently running are the Gateway Chronicles - an "Adventure LARP" (more on that HERE) and Black Rose - a campaign for D&D (more on that HERE).

My goal is to use the support provided by this Patreon to spend less time "gig working" so I can bring more things to the community. 

I want to clear enough time to start running games for all kinds of interesting folks to explore and reinforce the ideal that gaming is for everyone. 

I'm also working on a few new tools such as NURG (a simple universal system ideal for pickup games or performative play). I'll share these with my Patrons first and then with the community at large. The goal isn't creating projects to sell, it is creating neat stuff to share.

If you dig what I do please consider becoming a backer. There are perks for the various tiers but ultimately every little bit counts.  

$312 of $400 per month
Level 4 (Theurgist). Only driving a couple of times a week means I can tackle larger projects. NURG is likely to get finished as are some other super fun things i haven't had the time to deal with. 
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