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Best Darn Diddly is a weekly podcast for anyone who loves The Simpsons, or ever has loved The Simpsons, hosted by two dudes that grew up on The Simpsons! 

We want to make Best Darn Diddly THE best darn diddly Simpsons podcast in the world, and we want to build a strong community of Simpsons fans around our show!  We will use all donations to purchase promotional materials or "swag" to try to reach more Simpsons fans and bring them into the flock! 

Thank you for supporting the Best Darn Diddly Review Show! 

Find us online at and follow us on Twitter and IG @BestDarnDiddly
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Help us cover our costs so we can keep this podcasting journey going through every single episode of The Simpsons!

There are many costs associated with podcasting such as hosting fees, website fees, postage for mailing out swag and many more!
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