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You are supporting an Oddly Awkward Creative! Thank you!

From hereon, we are ... co-producers in a very-cool way! I'm new at this way of connecting, and want to be better, so i’m always open to ideas  and feedback!
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I believe in direct connections. Travel restrictions and concerns have enabled a new paradigm of possibilities. Our Monthly Exchange of sharing ideas, new happenings and fun exchanges will be uplifting moments for us all!
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You'll get all of the above, plus you'll get random surprises  every once in a while, including more personal videos and photos (and sometimes voicemails) that i don't want out in the public - including my doodles and shots of works in progress.

This goes a long way to support a passion-fueled Creative-In-motion. I promise not to disappoint. 
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    Whoa! This would support a sustained growth pattern for so many people and projects - around the world.  This trust in me is also Trust in The Power We!
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If I'm being REAL HONEST, Our creative possibilities are infinite!!!

I am thrilled with how much people enjoy the conversations and content.
I really believe we can grow and do amazing things together. 

Your support is a meaningful way to move the world, and Patreon offers a way to grow that support. 
There are packages below where you can pledge a dollar amount of your choice towards our content, 
and in return receive some rewards.

Your money goes towards the production, recording, and other costs associated with keeping creativity flowing. 
It also allows for the flexibility to work on other projects and branch out into new areas.

I sincerely believe in what is happening, and hope you believe in it as well. The aim is to build a community here of dedicated supporters, who will grow together and help shape the future of this Creative Platform. 

Your feedback is valuable, and if possible, let’s engage every step along the way. 
Check out the rewards listed below to find out how we can work together!
$208.40 of $963 per month
Once we reach this milestone, there will be a NEW CREATIVE RELEASES - EVERY MONTH! 

ability to support and co-create will expand into new possibilities.

This is not just about music!

We will build relationship, plant seeds and repair bridges with purpose.  We Will Accomplish Great Feats Together!

I want to co-create with our Community!  We are building together with our focus groups and monthly discussions.  Maybe you, or someone you know, can help us reach our next goal.
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