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Saskatchewan Transparency Supporter
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Show your support of my work on Open Data Saskatchewan. Contributions go towards paying for infrastructure required to host the Open Data Saskatchewan website.

Open Fisheries Supporter
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Show your support of my work on OpenFisheries. Contributions go towards paying for infrastructure required to host the open fisheries website/API.

Open Data Saskatchewan Enthusiast
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Patrons at this level can be confident that they are part of positive change in Canada and increasing transparency for Canada's most right-angled province. Currently, Saskatchewan is one of the last provinces in Canada to be without an official open data initiative. Your patronage here is a small step in providing me the support to put the wheels in motion.




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Data science + open science

Tinkering with data science algorithms and approaches for more than a decade, I stepped up my game in 2012 when both open fisheries and open data Saskatchewan were born. Chances are, one of these projects brought you here today. Supporting my work under Northern Lights Data will do two things:

1. Help keep the lights on for two projects, OpenDataSK and, that are already delivering value for users. This involves supporting domain registrations, web hosting, and other costs associated with running the project services.

2. Support new development and funding to grow these projects, and much more. Here’s what I have planned:
- API enhancement: currently one can only search landings data by species or by country. This needs to change to allow scientists to better slice and dice the data.
- More data sources including fisheries economics data, and inland fisheries!
- openfisheries R package with global stock dynamics functions. Stock status (ie. Developing, Fully-Exploited, Collapsed, etc.) at your fingertips.

- More data! - The data sources haven't been updated in a while, and I have a list of free data sources that need investigating and cleaning as well as people to contact to discuss making data more accessible and ready to use.
- Data access layer for R and Python - What use is open data if it's not easy to use? 
- Saskatchewan elections toolkit - a web service for viewing information about candidates and incumbants in your riding.

Breaking new ground
- SQL news service - A quarterly newsletter for statistics about Saskatchewan and Western Canada.
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At this level of patronage, I'm covering costs for the projects already in place. I can rest assured that funds are available to keep the APIs in tip-top shape. I also discontinue my annual debate about whether or not to shut the lights off on these projects and start learning esperanto.
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