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About Max Boost!

***UPDATE: RESERVE the Membership Level that works best for you. We will NOT charge your card until we officially start this program on January 5 (My son Max's Birthday)!  You can cancel, or change your membership level anytime.  Welcome to the family! - Dennis***

Fast, Furious, and delirious! Max Boost is the original manga comic from Import Tuner Magazine.  Our dream is to one day become a NETFLIX or DISNEY show, and you can join us on our journey as we attempt the impossible! - Dennis Caco

JOIN NOW TO JUMP IN FOR MARCH GOODIES DELIVERED TO YOU!!!:    Get you hands on VERY exclusive fanclub items that are NOT FOR SALE ANYWHERE.

Fast, Furious, and delirious! Max Boost is the original manga comic from Import Tuner Magazine.
$500 (Sponsor) Egry
$100 Micheal Bush
$100 Dwayne Avery
$100 Mike Servin
$100 David MacMurtry
$100 April Estrada
$100 John Yu
$100 Cas
$100 Randolph Torres
Remember, you can change your membership level or cancel anytime. We'd love for you to join the Max Boost family!

Hi my name is Dennis, and I am passionate about tuner cars and comics, so I created my own called Max Boost! in 1998!  Max Boost was originally featured in a very popular car culture magazine call Import Tuner from 1998-2006 and has been loved by over 1 Million people throughout the years.

Max Boost is a story about Max and Otto, and their crazy misadventures in Motorville! From racing, to modifying cars, and trying to keep from being crushed by the school bully, Todd, and his V8 Powered 'stand, Max and Otto continue on their quest for higher horsepower gains, maximum speed, and maybe some attention from a potential girlfriend or two. Read on as the characters Max and Otto, Papa Wheely, Wrench, Todd, Parker, and more tear up the streets of Motorville.

Now, almost a decade after we stopped creating Max Boost, myself (and my team) decided it's time to bring Max back!

So, we're looking for a few good men and women, to help me "re-boost" the comic, and continue our mission of providing amazing, authentic, motorsports-themed comics for generations to come!

Here's what you get, depending on the Membership Tier you choose!

  • COMIC BOOK DIGITAL ACCESS: Volume 1 and Volume 2 comics are available here, released over time (200 pages of comics originally published from 1998-2006)!
  • NEW MAX BOOST ISSUES! With enough members, I WILL start creating Max Boost, Volume 3 - and share that process here so you will be the first to see it!
  • EXCLUSIVE SWAG: Access to a secret webstore to grad Max Boost SWAG not available to general public non-members
  • BEHIND THE SCENES: Other behind-the-scenes exclusive videos released here first, such as our car builds and racing!
  • FIRST TO KNOW: This is where we announce everything Max Boost FIRST just for you!
  • ART TUTORIALS: I will do at least 1 VERY SPECIAL art piece per month (more depending on how many members we have) in which I can draw them LIVE, share the process, and more!
  • MEMBERS ONLY PRIVATE CALLS: For higher level tiers, Dennis will do a Zoom call or private LIVE STREAM just for top-tier members!
  • CONTESTS: Wanna play with the Max Boost crew? Lets go!

Your membership allows us to focus and budget for upcoming needs to grow Max Boost!

With your support we can:

  • NEW COMICS:Reboot Max Boost!
  • MAKE MORE ART: (and experimental art, too!)
  • BUILD OUR TEAM!: Hire writers, artists, video editors, and more!
  • ANIMATE:  We can start to create animation! (my dream!)
  • NEW TOYS AND MERCH: Design toys, and swag!
  • BUILD THE CARS AND RACE 'EM: Build the Max Boost Civic with the Max Boost Midori Preservation Foundation!
  • And more!
This membership group will be the “heart and soul” of the Max Boost community!

Would you like to be a Member? Click "Become a Patron" button to become a member of the Max Boost family!


We use this website, Patreon, as the online platform that allows you to gain access to your membership perks, access your community, and manage your account. We love it!

Our DREAM is for Max Boost to become the "Speed Racer" of THIS generation!

Call me crazy, but I dedicated much of my life to making Max Boost a full-blown entertainment property with a mission to delight and unite car lovers, and motorsports fans throughout the world, both young and old.

My goal is lofty, and to create the ultimate car culture comic and animation series requires a lot of of people, time, and resources. So that's why I need your help!

When you become a MAX BOOST MEMBER today... you monthly pledge helps our team achieve these milestones in the very near future:

The Max Boost dream can take YEARS to accomplish, but with your help we can make this possible. The more sponsors that we have, the quicker we can accomplish these goals!
Join the fun, and spread the word! Let’s bring Max, Otto, Papa Wheely, and the gang back bigger, louder, and faster than ever!

Drive Fast. Race Hard.

-Dennis Caco and The Max Boost Team 

Import Tuner, Issue #5, circa 1999!

Max Boost first started in a internationally distributed magazine, called Import Tuner, and ultimately became an icon in the tuner culture. Max and Otto graced the pages of every issue for over 8 years, entertaining fans throughout the world.

Max Boost Issue #1, Page 1 - Where it all started! Dennis Caco, the creator of Max Boost, has a love for all things Honda, so naturally a Type-R Integra would need to be involved in the strip. Also, Dennis' first car, a originally-blue-painted-white 1981 Celica with 300,000 miles on the odometer, was immortalized in the very first panel!

Max Boost Issue #2, Page 1 - Surprise!

Max Boost Issue #2, Page 2 - This the very first appearance of the little "Pea-Green Civic" that became infamous, and also became a star of the comic.

10 Year Anniversary poster for Import Tuner Magazine, celebrating a decade of awesome! As a testament to the authenticity of Max Boost and Import Tuner, we always collaborated with industry greats like Rays/Volk, TEIN, Motul, AEM, and more!

Above is the Max Boost + Falken Tire Formula D Poster that I drew, starring Max Boost and the gang, and professional Drifters Odi Backhis, James Deane, Matt Field, Justin Pawlak, Piotr Wiecek, and Dai Yoshihara!

"It was all a dream..." - The very first Max Boost Prototype cars that were on display at the Javitts Center in New York, It was a GREAT show, but the project eventually got denied because we lost a huge deal with Warner Bros. Back to the drawing board.... literally!

$1,311.84 of $2,000 per month
We get to buy some much needed equipment in the Max Boost studio, such as an upgraded Wacom Tablet, Photo Quality Printer, and more!  - GOAL ACHIEVED! - 
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