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If you've played Kerbal Space Program and have taken the plunge into a modded install, odds are pretty good that you've ran accross at least one if not more of the mods I've built.

Whether you've built a base with the Modular Kolonization System, flown around with some of the tiny parts in my Exploration Pack, gone mining with Karbonite, or kicked off a career with Sounding Rockets, you've had a chance to share in the enjoyment that I get from making stuff for the KSP community.

That being said, all of this stuff takes a lot of time (always in short supply), as well as material costs for things like Dropbox hosting, my Adobe Photoshop CC subscription, hardware (I just picked up a new digitizer so I can make you folks some nicer textures), my Blender Cookie subscription, and assets from the Unity store.

Just to be clear, I'll still build all of this stuff because the best reward is to see how much enjoyment folks get out of it.  But given I have had more than a few folks ask about better ways to help sponsor my work, I am setting this up as an alternative to PayPal (which I hear has caused some problems for folks in certain countries trying to provide support)

Now while I would still do this for free, I won't kid you and say that seeing some donations makes me want to make more stuff for you (or, at the very least, helps me justify this massive time sink to my lovely wife).

Every penny from this is used to support the tools I need for content creation, and to keep me in coffee for the late night coding sessions (I generally spend about 20 hours a week making or updating mods for KSP).   

And of course, everything I create has been and will always remain open licensed.  So if one day I am no longer able to maintain my mods someone else can take over.

If you are uncomfortable with donations, or cannot afford to right now, then a 'thank you' is always appreciated, and please go enjoy the stuff - it's there for you guys and gals to play with.  But if you want to provide a little bit more than 'thanks', then please feel free to contribute - it's greatly appreciated, and it helps me provide everyone with more content.

$59 of $105 per month
Cover the subscription tools I use to make and host content for you fine folks - Unity Pro, PhotoShop CC, and DropBox Pro.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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