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Hello! My name is Ijuma "Jay" Reid, and I'm an artist, composer and computer game developer in my spare time. I currently work for a non-profit mental health facility, and I'm extremely passionate about my hobbies... so much so that I decided I'd like to make them my full-time career. I previously worked as a graphic designer about 8 years ago (when the job market was a bit more... bountiful) but circumstances forced me to leave that particular job, and I was unemployed for about a year and a half. I finally landed the job at the hospital, and I've been working there (between 9 to 15 hours per day) since that time. Since it is a non-profit organization, I don't get paid that well and current job searches have come up as false leads. I guess the employment market is still recovering from the last two political administrations, which isn't great news for myself and others in similar positions... hence turning to Patreon for support.

I consider myself a "self-taught" artist since I never attended any professional establishments for learning the arts. I did enroll at the Art Instruction Schools back in the mid-'90s but didn't graduate. I studied graphic design at a community college for a year, but dropped out and didn't complete my certification. Everything I know about visual art has been self-taught, and I'm still learning things as I grow in the medium. I started dabbling in digital art about ten years ago (I did mostly traditional art up until that time frame) and I've gotten very proficient at it as a result. This translated into pursuing my life long dream of becoming a video game designer... Prior to learning digital art, I thought of making video games as a fantasy that would never happen for the likes of myself, but with simplistic game engine tools readily available to the public, making games have become a surreal reality. I can confidently say I'm a novice game designer at the moment... but the dream is an expensive one, and the fact that I have to work extremely long hours just to make ends meet is putting a damper on that dream.

I come to Patreon because I'd really like to make computer game development my only job/career, and with your support, I can make that dream a reality. With pledges from the community, I can work fewer hours (or quit altogether) and focus more on my art, music and game design/development solely. I would be extremely grateful for any support provided, and I assure you that your pledges would not be in vain. I've been told at every job I've ever worked at that I'm an "extremely hard worker" and I see it being no different when I work on my crafts. I put every ounce of my being into my art, and you can bet your last dollar that I'd put forth that same effort into any project I work on moving forward.

I want to thank everyone for reading this... Even if you don't think I'm worthy of your support, thank you regardless and have a blessed day/evening/night.

Ijuma "Jay" Reid 

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