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Heavy Metal Herbal Medicine

per month
Support people in our community that cannot afford herbal medicine.  ALL proceeds in this tier go to supporting those currently in alcohol addiction recovery.  Alcoholism is a tough challenge with many underlying causes including trauma.  Herbal medicine can help support the body in:
  • detoxification
  • nervous system and 
  • digestive system support.  
The potential benefits are numerous.  Please consider giving this gift to someone in need.

  • General Support

Prefered Pricing Member

per month
Purchases made at the Errant Empire Herbal Medicine Online Store will be sold at practitioner pricing as a cost per mL.  Upon signing up for this tier you will receive a pricing sheet. 
  • On average the Retail Cost for a 100mL tincture is $31.  
  • With this preferred pricing your average cost will be around $20.  This is about 36% off. This is a great option for the person who invests monthly in herbal products.
  • Receive 25% off custom made formulas
(Price above does not include shipping and handling.)

  • Prefered Pricing Membership

Custom TIncture & Prefered Pricing

per month
This is the highest tier and we thank you for your contribution.  The benefits of this tier are substantial.  For your support each month you will receive:
  • 100mL Herbal Tincture Formula every month designed by a Medical Herbalist.  Each month we will design a new formal addressing the changes we are seeing. This is a custom formula specific to your needs
  • You also receive the member pricing.  With this advantage you can purchase herbs at a price/mL.  This is an average of 36% off all products on our online herbal dispensary.  (Example: Chamomile is .18/mL.  If you wanted 100mL of this tincture it would cost you $18.00.  Average reatil cost for a 100mL tincture is $33.00)

  • Formulated Tincture (Monthly)
  • Preferred Member Pricing




per month

About Errant Empire Herbal Medicine Dispensary

Herbal Medicine is the original medicine.  We are a fully stocked Herbal Medicine Dispensary with over 120 different high strength alcohol extracts and dry herbs in our inventory. We have combined the traditional knowledge of plants with current research to provide high quality, therapeutic herbal extracts.  By the summer of 2021 our goal is to produce a minimum of 30 different plant extracts from plants sourced locally from herb farmers in British Columbia.

Our mission is to re-localize the manufacturing process of herbal medicine by providing sustainable organic herbal extracts with a focus on: local, regional, sustainable and organic practices. 

Our evaluation system will help to identify how close to Canada and the United States our Medicine is.  Through implementing these practices we are able to reduce the carbon footprint of the industry and support the community closest to us.  Each step we take is intentional with these goals in mind.

(Our herbal extract we create is fresh plant extract at a 1:2 strength or a dried herb extract  that is either 1:2 or 1:3 with pure organic cane sugar alcohol.)
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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