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About Elles

❗ All previous sets are available via paypal via paypal. Each set is for 15 usd ❗Message me

Hi there,
I´m Elles, 19yo cosplayer from the Czech republic. I´m kind of shy person irl but when I´m on the internet I turn to a naughty girl so here I´m (^▽^)
I like photographing, watching movies/series and sometimes drawing. I also read a lot. I love nature, animals and everything cute (when is something too cute I start to cry. Idk, just because it´s too cute :DD).
I have a passion for Japan culture and everything conected with JP. That´s the reason why I decided to become a cosplayer and I really enjoy this hobby ( ◡‿◡ *).
I created patreon to be more close with you and all the patreon earnings will be used for buying more cosplays and outfits and creating more exclusive content for you ٩(◕‿◕)۶
You will find here:
- awesome anime and games cosplays
- snapchat access (nude)
- photos and selfshots from my daily life (lewd/nude)
- physical goods
- ahegao pics
- private chats
and much more...

- Every time I reach 100 new patrons I'll make new cosplay for you ^-^
- Every 250, 350, 450 etc. you will get bonus photoset (around 50 pics) 

  How it all works ? 

1. Once you became my patron I´ll send you message within 48 hrs and you will just tell me your snapchat username (tiers 10$+)

2. If you pledge for the first time you will recieve the main photoset and snap the day you became my patron and every other rewards within a few days

3. At the beggining of every month if your payment from the last month went successfully I´ll send you new main photoset, new polaroid card or new fansign photoset (tiers 20$+) etc.

4. During all the month when you are waiting for your rewards you can enjoy my posts here on Patreon or photos/videos on my snapchat <3

550 – reached! patrons
Bonus photoset  - latex suit ♡
1$ - 10 pics
10$ - 25 pics
20$ and more - 50 pics
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