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About Dissona


An introduction of who we are and what we do is needless; we assume that if you've found this page you're aware.  So then, having covered the "who" and the "what", how about the "why"?

Dissona is an outlet for its members' musical pursuits, first and foremost, but because of the growth the band has experienced it has inevitably also become a business entity.  Make no mistake that no matter the situation, we will continue to provide for you, the beloved fans, our music and associated creative expressions. To that end, we are not seeking contributions as a means to sustain the life of the band, but rather to help it flourish.  

To get to you all is not easy, though, nor is it cheap.  Your patronage will assist in lifting Dissona up and over its current financial barriers and hopefully allow the band to reach you wherever you may be.  Your assistance in the past has proven itself to be invaluable and we will not forget it.  This time we aim to forge a more meaningful relationship with you, and if that cannot be achieved through direct contact it will be achieved through exclusive content, individualized online interaction, and direct insight into Dissona as a band and Dissona as human beings.  

YOU are our greatest asset.  That cannot be stressed enough.  


Matt Motto, David Dubenic, Drew Goddard, and Craig Hamburger    

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$200 a month would make a considerable dent in our band expenses.  Funding for the creation of merchandise and the recouping of tour-related costs would become much, much easier.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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