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is creating Big things, general/tasteful, for the slippery, scaly and furry.

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$5 tier; by pledging this amount, you will be entered in a drawing for a monthly sketchdump in which I feature your character. Starting on June, I'll be taking raffles for which I'll include three selected characters from my patrons! 





If you are stumbling across this page for the first time, I would like to say, thank you so much, and thanks for taking the time to read this bio. My name is Pan, you may know me as PanScolipede from the internet, but basically, what I am known for is for drawing muscular anthropomorphic animals, including exploring the inherent power behind said muscular animals and so on and.... well, basically I draw huge animals, and also exploring on art and striving to become better in my drawing capabilities, to eke out another way of income to pay for bills and other necessities, so I can give more to my fans, and to devote time to develop and share my characters,  That is my journey, and I hope that if this inspires you in any way, I hope that you can take a look at my page here, and see what interests you.

This is where my art posts usually are linked:

Right now, this page is going to include basic pledges, $1 and $5 pledges, I'll likely be doing practice sketchdumps every month, and should you choose to pledge to the latter, I'll probably include a cameo of your character~ The sketches may or may not follow a particular theme, but they will be including practice sketches, muscle anatomy studies, or cartoony stuff. Once in a while, the sketches will also be adult-oriented, hush~hush. This page is a work in progress, so I'll make some starting stuff, so for those who've chosen to do a pledge as a tip jar, or who are interested in what I have to offer, stick around as I come up with new tiers and rewards.

Disclaimer: By reading this, you are agreeing to and understand that you must be at least 18+ years of age to view this page.

You have my utmost appreciation for reading this until now! Have a good day!
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This is a small bit, but I'll keep a modest minimum goal for this, just so it can help me keep up with affording monthly rent, and car insurance.
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