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is creating Painting Miniatures 101s and Live Board Game Playthrus
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About Robert Oren

The Robert Oren Channel: Home of Painting Miniatures 101 & Live Playthrus
My name is Rob Oren and I have a YouTube Channel that covers Painting 101 where we learn quick and easy painting techniques that anyone can do. Just pick up a brush and begin to color your world! We look at board games anywhere from the biggest games to the smallest hidden gems that catch my eye. Welcome to the Channel with a little bit of everything all rolled up into one!

The pledges will continue to give back to the community and help others in need!

Welcome to Rob’s Patreon Year two!

Thank you for your continued support in our first year of the Patreon. I hope that everyone will enjoy some of the big ideas that we have in store going into our second year! We have lived through a lot together, learned a lot, helped a lot of people in need, and most importantly had a lot of fun!!! For Patreon year two, let’s keep doing what we do best and that is be a great community.

Painted Game by Rob ($25 & up)
After one year of continued support receive a painted game by me from a selection of board games!

Thank you so much for your support!
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Anything after the 1000 dollar goal we will use the money to help one family a month thru there hardship if we hit this goal ! we will call it "community reach project" where we find a worthy family or person and as a group help pay a bill or just help with life!
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