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About Will Cowley

Hello Everyone!
A big warm welcome to you all. I hope you're well and Uni life isn't hurting too hard.

So this is the official Patreon Page for StudentChow: the Foodie profile primarily based on YouTube, SortedFod and Tumblr; passionate about all aspects of Student Life; health, fitness, partying, budgeting, and most importantly; eating! It's an inescapable part of Student life that makes up just as much of adult identity as what we choose to Study, and since joining Sorted and getting to write for them, I've been able to see and take part in the conversation on a much larger scale.

Now I want to take it further and make this my full time project. If you've enjoyed my content since it first began in 2013,  with your help I can make that a reality.

The Schedule (What You can Expect of Me)

So far I've been uploading recipes and doing Blogs once a week (A recipe on the Friday/ Saturday). I've started filming my own Videos and would ideally like to move ahead of that onto working on filming my own Recipe Videos more regularly (one new food challenge recipe a week, and one based on my current archive of over 175 recipes). Until then, I want to up the weekly recipe output to 2 recipes.

Stimulating Articles!
In addition to my writing for other Websites I have my own Tumblr to discuss Student things. It could be cooking tips, listicles, reviews, workout plans, personal life posts, and more in depth looks into what's going on in the world of food and student matters. I'm a big fan of Jim Sterling and his work on video game's culture literature. I'd like to do more stuff like that but for food, looking at what surrounds the food and hospitality industry as well as the bigger players in the Foodie Sphere we have on the Web. These would be published more regularly than once a week, and I've been playing round with the schedule for as long as I can manage, and so far, I've been reallyenjoying talking about more indepth content.

How you'd help
When it came to considering how to fund this project, my vision for StudentChow was to have no reliance on Google Ad-Sense. Partly because I'm using Tumblr rather than a Google owned blogging site, partly because it would require having camera equipment already to use YouTube and generate ad-revenue there, and largely because I want to remain as impartial as possible. Given YouTube's new content rules on what videos can be monetised and the lack of control content creator's have over the ads that go on their vids, I just don't want to be in the back pocket of a Network when I've eventually saved up enough to get onto YouTube. I've decided to go straight into Patreon as opposed to launching a Kickstarter page because I want to keep up the flow of content through this Project before and after we've moved onto YouTube.

If you're able, like my content, want to see more and want to support this Project. You only have to put $1 in a month. No more. I currently have just over 9000 followers between Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and SortedFood. If even half of that puts in just $1 a month, that sets me up to buy Camera Equipment, Ingredients, Rent, Bills, Subscriptions to Premiere Pro, and other cool bits and pieces I'd like to do with this Project.

My philosophy on rewards is that I shouldn't be inconveniencing Students to put more in just to up my income, and I certainly don't want to foster a community of "haves" and "have nots". Student life shouldn't be about that. Everything I've laid out in my Schedule, I will try my damned hardest to deliver. No gated off content, no special preference on questions. Just what our Community would/ should expect of me.

So that's my layout. Even if you don't feel like you can support this now in this way, be sure to give the Tumblr (http://studentchow.tumblr.com/), Sorted (https://sortedfood.com/profile/19192) Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/studentchow/) a follow, or go through the links at the top to reach the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube  to give the pages a Like/ Follow/ Subscription, and feel free to share any of the pages in case some one else might be interested.

$0 of $1,500 per month
$1500 roughly works out at £1200 before tax. That would allow me to pay rent, bills, buy ingredients, and save for new equipment to be able to start producing and editing recipe videos. With your help we can make that dream a reality.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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