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For donating a dollar you get a special thank you message from me! You can also get exclusive access to upcoming content, bloopers, etc. only on Patreon.
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For five dollars you can commission me to read anything you want! Well I mean not "anything", nothing too vulgar or sexual please.
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For ten dollars you can request a comic or anything you would like to hear dubbed! Again keep things SFW as you can.




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About ChromaDust

Heya! The names ChromaDust and welcome to my Patreon!

I do voice acting on YouTube, mainly Undertale Comics at the moment but I plan to do more variety of comics in the near future! I basically do voice acting for fun, so don't expect that great of stuff from me! Since I've been growing lately on YouTube I thought it would be good to start a Patreon. The money from Patreon will help me afford to new equipment to make my videos better quality. 
Even a dollar will greatly support me!

Thanks for the support!
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