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Thanks for helping out! By donating a dollar every month, you help keep the servers running and can help vote on features/software that you want to see come out next!
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I am ever so appreciative for the financial support. On top of the previous tier, you can also suggest projects you want to see, and vote on them!
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Man, you must be rolling in the bank. On top of the previous tiers, get early access to beta software deployments! (NOTE: This is against EULA for EVE Online, so this does not apply for EVE Online.)




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About Vivace Developments

I like to program open source software, with a strong focus in the Go programming language and game development! I also host custom-built web services for my EVE Online Corporation/Alliance/Friends, free of charge.

I have opened up a Patreon page for those who find my software and services of some use in order to help fund my college tuition!

My open source software may be found through my GitHub profile. Most of what you'll see me publishing is licensed under the MIT license, meaning you can almost do anything you want with it!

Please, only donate what you can give. I'm not looking for an easy full ride in college, and my software is free anyways, so you don't have much to lose.
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