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is creating A Podcast about media that may or may not be transphobic!
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About Is It Transphobic

Have you ever seen, read, or heard something and said "I think that might be Transphobic?"  

Have you seen an ad for a movie where a cisgender actor is playing a trans character?    

Have you been told by a friend or loved one that you can't talk about a piece of media because you haven't seen it even though there is just so much media in the world and not enough time to waste on something that is potentially awful!?

Then do we have a podcast for you!  With a constantly changing panel of trans and non-binary people with a diverse background of experiences "Is It Transphobic,"   aims to explore pieces of questionable transphobia so you don't have to!  Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month expect a new episode exploring another piece!

As a Patreon subscriber we will also post interviews with panelists a month before we make them public and offer up special monthly rewards as we think of them!

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