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I'm Aaron. I'm a pastor, journalist, writer, and activist. I'm about a year away from a doctorate, and I have decided to make my living largely through pounding away on the keyboard and stringing words together. I'm told I'm decent at it, but I write because I have no choice. The voices won't be quiet, so I play stenographer and send it out into the world. 

I write about lots of stuff. I'm a Christian, but not a jackass about it. I'm engaged in social justice work, often through writing and public speaking. There are better blogs out there; I'm not trying to become famous.  I'm just a guy with bipolar disorder who will likely lose most of his hearing by the age of 60. I lay bare my soul because that is the only way I know how to live. I hold 3 master's degrees, which means that I love to read and hold forth. I write so I don't dominate conversations in real life. If I don't release the thoughts they will consume me, so this blog is my way of hacking my way toward peace.

All my free stuff begins at This page will include that, as well as various extra content offered based upon your level of giving. Thanks for considering supporting me!   
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