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Hello, my name is Mike and I love machining.  I work in the aerospace industry. The shop that I work in has new cutting edge CNC machinery that makes some incredible parts. However, my heart lies in the machines of the past.  As a conventional machinist, I like turning the handles instead of pushing buttons.  

My true passion is the machines that made the industrial revolution move.  I began restoring machinery in 2006 and have never regretted a minute working on this machinery.  My home shop consists mostly of  machines dating from the early 1900s to the late 1960s.  Most of them have been restored or repaired but some are still in original condition.  Recently, I have acquired a few machines that are from the late 1800s. I would like to restore these machines to a usable condition and build a line shaft shop to use them.  My goal is to restore the machines and use them to educate others on the history of machining.

Your contributions would help support the restoration of the great machines of the past.
$13.60 of $500 per month
I have set a goal for for 500.00 a month. At this amount I can properly restore the machinery so it can once again prove to be usefull as a working example of history,
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