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Every little donation really does count, and I'm so glad for you, lovely friends! 

Every Patron gets exclusive access to my weekly update post, plus occasional specials - competitions, excerpts from upcoming work, and early access to events.

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I will craft and send you a spell, with instructions on how to use it. 

I will be in touch to confirm best form (eg using candles or baths, timings, location etc). I will also be available afterwards to chat about results. 

I set the stage. You make the magic.

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As well as the basics, you'll be able to book me for a 1-1 personal session, either in person if possible or via telephone or Skype. What do you want to talk about? 




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About Cat Treadwell

Welcome to the Patreon pages of a modern-day Druid.

For many years now, I've been a full-time professional Druid Priest in the UK. I'm a chaplain and a writer, with a columns in the Pagan press, a blog ( and  two books which have done rather well. I travel internationally, performing public rituals including Handfastings (Pagan Weddings), Funerals and seasonal Festivals, as well as more personal 1-1 rites and teaching when required, as well as monthly online divination sessions.

Key tenets of my Druidry are inspiration, exploration and assistance, which translates to sharing my spiritual practice in order to assist and inspire.

My Patron supporters have been instrumental in keeping me moving and fuelled over the past couple of years, helping with costs for both food and petrol to get me about and Doing My Thing! Spiritual and personal assistance is becoming ever more important within our communities, and I see this as a parallel with how our ancestors supported their Village Druid/Wise Person, for the benefit of all. Also, it means that I have to be up to the job! This also means that I can help those who may be unable to offer much themselves.

In return, I provide backers with regular updates on my work, exclusive writings and video talks, as well as Q&A sessions for those too far away to reach me in person.

I've been improving my tier benefits based around what I've been asked to provide most often, but always appreciate feedback and suggestions as to future shared projects. Ultimately, I look forward to seeing how this relationship develops moving forward! 

My thanks and best wishes - Cat x
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To keep me supported, allowing costs to be covered for travel and helping those in need.
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