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About The Kanji Dojo

Do you want to fall in love with kanji?

Do you want to get to know each one as intimately as if it were a dear friend (or even an enemy, which will certainly make that character memorable!)? Do you want to know more about Japanese syntax and vocabulary? Do you want an in-depth, accurate behind-the-scenes look at a fascinating and often-misunderstood culture? Do you want a portal to everything in the world?

If so, welcome aboard!

I am Eve Kushner, creator of  Joy o' Kanji and author of Crazy for Kanji. I am hopelessly addicted to kanji and want you to be hooked, too! 

That's why I've founded the Kanji Dojo, the best way to become engaged with the incredible world of Japanese characters.

Like any good sensei at a dojo, I strive to help you get a handle on kanji and build your confidence in working with it.

What training do you get at the Kanji Dojo?

Every week I put one kanji at a time in the spotlight, creating a personality profile of that character. 

By backing this Patreon, you will receive each write-up in an easy-to-read digital PDF that contains an engaging analysis of that week's kanji. To help you immerse yourself and learn, each PDF is rich in additional angles, such as the following:

  • Quick Quizzes
  • Etymology 
  • Related Vocabulary
  • Sample Usage
  • Tons of Side Commentary
  • Images of Kanji in Their Natural Habitat

You can also suggest kanji for me to write about in blogs. 

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Platinum Belt - $100/mnth
Weekly workouts, access to twenty kanji workouts, plus a signed copy of my book "Crazy about kanji", a t-shirt and direct email access to ask me kanji questions. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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