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I have about 100 or so game codes kicking around and for every person who pledges support, you get a code! Most are for Steam but I also have some for Origin and GOG so just let me know which platform and type of game you like and it is yours!




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General Protection Fault began as a weekly computer issues program, which aired from Fairbanks, Alaska way back in 1997. This radio show has entertained and educated listeners and readers with computer talk that they could use for over 15 years... with a short break in the 2004-2008 range. Our earliest shows were archived as RealAudio and we were one of the first programs to have on-demand streaming as a companion to a live radio broadcast.

As of now, a wealth of tech knowledge is always within your grasp, but it takes time, energy and, of course, money to do it correctly. Your support would provide everything to keep this tech program - the only one of it's kind in Alaska - not only alive and well, but thriving.

Money you pledge would go directly towards:
  • covering hosting fees for the website (
  • adding archived reviews and interviews from 2000-2004 to our website
  • purchasing products for review and subsequent giveaway
  • reimbursing reviewers for their time
  • purchasing radio equipment for use with reviews and interviews
  • covering travel expenses to attend conferences
This doesn't go towards making me solvent or covering personal bills because this is all for one thing: the show.

Currently everything is paid for out of pocket, and has been since the beginning of the program. Support from you would make the show self-sustaining. That means new features, more reviews, greater social interaction, learning opportunities for the radio and tech curious... really there is no limit to what could be done.

I haven't gone the ad-supported route because it annoys me and I don't have that P.T. Barnum self-promotion gene. I put out a solid product on a regular basis and I help people understand, explore and enjoy technology in all of its forms. That makes me really happy. Keeping it clean of outside advertiser influence just makes it even better. 

I really do believe in doing what our slogan says; providing computer talk that you can use. With you supporting GPF, we can do it together.
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If we actually reach this level, I will be able to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It will actually cost much more than this to get there, get a room, pay for food, rob a casino, double-cross my gang, flee for my life, hide-out in a buffet... but at this point I can match the rest of the funds and get some great interviews with some of the movers and shakers in the tech world.
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