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About Tesseption!!

Hello sweet people! Welcome to my page, first of all. Now let's get down to business. I love Youtube and the community on it. Y'all make me feel so lucky to have people care about me so much!
So where does you money go?
It supports the content you like to watch! It helps me invest more time and money into making more content.
An example of this is I didn't used to have early access on videos. So because of my patreon support I was able to make more content! 
I would love to add more special treatment for my patreons so, if you would like to, help me get there!

 Thanks for reading!
$20 of $100 per month
If we reach my goal I will have 1 special patreons ONLY stream a month! The patreon community will get to vote on the game a week ahead of time!!
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