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About CXG2827

This is a page for people who wish to donate to me in support of the KSP Mods I am currently creating and maintaining, and acts as an alternate to using PayPal (which isnt the best seeing how much they charge for donation fees).

All money from donations will go primarily to fund my coffee addition, which is the #1 fuel to keep me productive while working on modding (I generally spend about 16 hours a week modding/updating/testing for KSP). Additionally it can go to support the tools I need for content creation.

All my mod development is done for free and I have no expectations to receive any money from users. However, I will say that seeing some donations(even if its just $1) is a huge motivator and makes me want to continue maintaining my mods, and create more stuff to share (and of course, this also helps me justify the massive time sink to my wife).

If you are not able to donate, then a simple "Thanks" is always appreciated, or post a screenshot of your recent creations using my parts in your thread. Posting craft pictures in my thread is a great motivation to continue working on parts, and lets me know that others are enjoying them.

Current Mod Available:
CxAerospace: Station Parts Pack (Forum Thread)
Download Link (SpaceDock)

Mods in Development:

Mods in Conceptual Planning:
  • Mars/Duna DRA 5.0 Aeroshell & Cargo/Hab Landers
  • Near Future-ish Interplanetary Transportation and Habitation
  • Deep Space Habitation/Exploration

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