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About Fundi Kipusa

        Fundi Kipusa is a community based organization in Mtwapa, Coast of Kenya. Our core focus is to use engineering to provide solutions to common recurring problems in Africa. We started as a Girl Child Education Programme and have since grown to educate the public and come up with simply designed products that work for Africa. Over the years, we have come up with products and ideas that have been tested and proven to work.

      Everyone working with Fundi Kipusa does so on a voluntary basis and we were able to form a well-rounded team. With our modest means we are constantly searching for simple yet functional solutions with the aim of helping the ordinary citizen to keep pace with the developments here.

      One of our products is The I-Pot Maxi, a vertical planting device that is 1.2m high with 80 growing pockets for planting vegetables. The I-Pot Maxi can grow salads, kales, spinach, lettuce, and others. This provides food for a family and if several drums would be used it would ensure throughout the year that there is food growing and this would reduce the part of disposable income that is used to buy food and the produced food would provide the requisite nutrients to ensure a healthy family. The drums that would otherwise be discarded or melted into other plastic; are recycled, this in turn ensures that we reduce CO2 emissions and if we could grow these drums in the millions in deserts. It is ideal for the urban person who can grow food on roof tops or in a back yard. Anyone can make one with materials that can be found locally.

    Patrons here on Patreon can donate whatever they want per month and the donation is recurring each month after that. So anything, from $10/month up, is hugely helpful to the cause.
     For every $150 we receive, we supply one I-Pot Maxi to a school and have training sessions with them.

$143.83 of $500 per month
providing food security i.e. Vitamin and mineral nutrients for local schools by delivering "I-Pot-Maxi" for free and teach children in Urban Farming for the future.
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