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Hey guys, this is the official Patreon for Wow Such Gaming from your boy Zackazz! With me balancing a day job and having no social life, your donations help in order to keep making WOW SUCH videos of Left 4 Dead 2 and more!

If you donate, you'll get a shout out, high tier roles on the official discord, official merch and higher donations get you a guaranteed spot in our Left 4 Dead 2 streams on Youtube
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Your Name in our Videos!
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  • Your name will appear on a Wow Such Gaming video on Youtube!
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  • Receive a shout out from Zackazz in a weekly video!
  • Have your name included in a Wow Such gaming Youtube video. 
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Super Wow!
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  • Receive a higher tier shout out from Zackazz in a weekly video!
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You are a WOW amongst men! You can play with us on a weekly livestream AND get a high placement on the shoutouts!

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Wow God!
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-You will have your name featured at the top of each patron supporters at the end of each video

-You will be mailed a FREE Wow Merch apparel of YOUR choice from the teespring store seen here:

-Play and chat WITH the Wow Crew on our weekly streams!

Includes Discord rewards
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I will keep WSG merch on sale for an unlimited time!
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