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About Jeremy C. Schofield

Hi, all, and welcome to Jeremy C. Schofield's Patreon page. Thanks for considering being a part of what I am doing as a creator of fiction and a blogger as well!

A little background: once upon a time I was a musician and a database developer. In my 30s, life took a dramatic (and unexpected) left turn into adult-onset epilepsy. This was followed quickly by drug-related obesity and clinical depression. For a very long time, I wasn't  sure there was a reason to stick around to see what other bad news life had in store for me tomorrow.

The good news is, I have spent the years since then learning to build a life around my weaknesses. The better news is, in losing everything else, I discovered a new passion - writing. I create fiction and blogs, help those with disabilities, and educate those who want to understand what life with a disability is like.

Nowadays, I write on my blog Misdirected, talking about RV life, epilepsy, bariatric surgery, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I also spend my time writing novels, blog posts, and contract writing for some additional funds (SSDI doesn't pay much.) My fond hope is that eventually Misdirected becomes a self sustaining entity, rather than a labor of love. I realize I am one of umpty-bazillion writers out there with the same dream, but heck, a boy can dream.

My first novel, Inheritance, was published on September 1, 2017. It simply would not have been possible without the support of my Patrons - thanks to each and every one of you! My blog, Misdirected, already has over 200+ regular readers a month. I would love to be able to expand that number exponentially, in order to talk to even more people about the fact that life does not have to end due to an adult-onset disability of any kind. In order to do that, however, I need some assistance. Every dollar put in via Patreon represents time spent creating my own content. That time represents new fiction, new blog posts, and communication via avenues that I simply do not have time to explore at present. Your support keeps the lights on and the juices flowing - good coffee is expensive.

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for helping out!

- Jeremy
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$30 a month is exactly what we require to keep the lights on. That covers our domain name registration, our server hosting subscription, and the fees for our back-end services like backups and spam protection. These costs had previously been covered by the AdWords embedded advertising at Misdirected 1.0, which I have done away with in hopes that Patreon will be able to replace them entirely.
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