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About Michael Maciel

A welcome from Michael Maciel
There are two kinds of mystics, those who want to heal and those who want to help others. Maybe you’re both. Allow me to help you so that you can realize your calling to help heal the world.

The Mystical Christ Academy is for people who primarily want to help but who also realize that they have some healing to do as well. If you’re looking for ways to grow spiritually so that you can help others, this community is definitely for you.

Here you will get everything you need to both help and heal. Choose your level of engagement and learn at your own pace. If you find that it’s not for you, you can quit at any time. And if you want to go all the way, we have multiple resources, all designed to broaden and deepen your spiritual illumination with time-tested and proven techniques.

Begin your spiritual journey now by becoming a member of The Mystical Christ Academy. Choose the tier that reflects the level at which you want to participate and be a part of this fast-growing community!

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Michael Maciel is a priest, teacher, author, video and blog creator. He specializes in turning the Ancient Wisdom Teachings into clear, easy-to-understand, focused lessons and exercises designed to accelerate your spiritual growth and to use that to increase your capacity to serve others. 

The Mystical Christ Academy offers courses in attention, concentration, prayer, meditation, blessing, ritual, and service. You will also receive spiritual exercises designed to awaken dormant parts of your brain, the areas that open your physical senses to the spiritual world.

Hear what others have to say:

I’m not new to the spiritual path and have had experience with teachers before, so I was very apprehensive about joining—I needed to dip my toe in, and this group has allowed me to do that very comfortably, and I feel renewed and alive again. They’ve got me back on track following my hearts desire with their shining lights. I have been attending classes with Michael for a while now and feel he is a great teacher who allows everyone to be true to themselves while learning from one another. I get a real sense of connection and community with like-minded individuals here, and Michael always keeps subjects interesting and involving. Love the exercises which are helpful during the in-between times. Thank you, Michael, and all the teachers for providing the space and time for the continued growth and development of this planet and its inhabitants for a brighter future as we shine our lights for others to see and to find us and their own way! – Terri Summa

The Mystical Christ author Michael Maciel has the gift of taking the "Mystic" and making it understandable in everyday life.
Practical tools to develop my spiritual path, and guidance to help me understand and use what I am learning from Michael.
What I love most is that Michael does not just give me answers, but helps me find them myself, which has the added benefit
that what I learn stays with me and transforms me.
– Rosemarie W.

I was guided here today and how blessed am I to have been. After reading just one page of your content, I felt I was exactly where I was I meant to be. I’ve purchased your book, saved the YouTube channel link, and will be reading quite a bit it seems. Thank you, Michael.
– Rene Caudillo

Thank you for this practical wisdom, We need this more than ever in our current living experience. Please write more on this thinking. It needs to be shared……with all!
– Dr. Vera Jacobson

Here’s a review of my book, The Five Vows:

The Five Vows distills the wisdom of a true spiritual Master into a book that is bound to be loved, treasured, and referred to again and again by those fortunate enough to discover it. Of course, books such as this come into a person's life when the reader is ready for it. Some might say that this is not really a book for beginners, however, having said that, if someone new to the spiritual life were to read it, he or she might thereby avoid quite a few common pitfalls.

The author comes across as down to earth and well-read in a number of spiritual traditions, but above all as authentic. He is clearly someone who has learned to “walk his talk,” someone who can speak about these matters with the authority of one who has really lived them. He has obviously been influenced by the classic Christian monastic tradition—I am sure St. Benedict would love the chapters on Humility, so reminiscent of his own teaching—but the influence of Buddhism and, above all, New Thought, is also quite apparent. Only a person who has integrated these various influences and actually lived them can present them in such an original way and avoid coming across as “eclectic.” The author manages this beautifully, and his book—a real labour of love—seems to flow from the heart, avoiding Catholic guilt and centuries of obfuscation on the one hand and excessive New Age individualism and lack of depth on the other.

Our Lord said, “My yoke is easy and my burden light,” and the author really gets across well the lesson that living a vowed life is something God does for and within us, rather than something we do for God. There is no life-denying and dis-empowering asceticism here, but rather a call to theosis, a vision of a God in whom we live and move and have our being who calls us to become mirrors of his power as well as images of his goodness.

I have great pleasure in recommending this book to all novices and professed members of my Benedictine community as well as seminarians and clergy of the Holy Celtic Church.
– Rt Revd Alistair Bate OSBA

Here are reviews of my book, World Priest:

For those of the sacred priesthood this book is a paradigm maker. The Catholic priest Raimon Panikkar once said "I left Europe as a Christian and found myself a Hindu. I returned to Europe as a Buddhist, yet I never stopped being a Christian. But unlike Panikkar, Maciel's presentation is not about intra-religious dialogue, but something I can only call "supra-religious" dialogue. Maciel calls on priests of all denominations to rise above the exclusive dogma that they were ordained into and to reach for the spiritual reality common to priests of all religions who have found enlightenment in the Way/Tao of their religious and cultural teachings. The basic purpose of the priesthood is to raise the consciousness of the earth, as in the Our Father:Thy Kingdom Come. It makes no difference if you call God the Father, Allah, Brahma, the great Spirit or the Lord Of Heaven, the striving of all priests should be the same. The consciousness of the Earth is at a critical point in its evolution. The priesthood is the immune system of the human species on the earth who have created what Teilhard de Chardin calls the "Noosphere" World Priest by Rev. Michael Maciel gives some clear guidance and insights to help those of the priesthood realize the importance of their mission and how to accomplish it in this crucial time.
– Rev. John Hartman, priest and physician.

I've read a very wide ranging variety of spiritual philosophy and theology over the years in my quest for truth. This book came at a very synchronistic time and really brought me full circle in a number of ways. The book is absolutely filled with revelatory insights and Maciel is gifted at conveying deeply layered and symbolic truth/wisdom that often gets lost in its "esoteric" nature. If youve ever felt called to the priesthood or have intuited the call to serve and lead others spiritually, I would highly recommend this book. Our world desperately needs men and women who will answer that call - this book will leave you feeling excited to take your spiritual journey to the next level and get busy serving.
– John P. Miller

World Priest is yet another example of the author’s fearless exploration of the inner worlds and the insights that can only come through direct spiritual experience. The Eternal, Mystical Priesthood Michael Maciel describes is both cosmic in scale and practical in application. It joins his book, The Five Vows in a place front and center not only for those responding to the call to this Priesthood but for all who want to discover what it means to be a priest unto one's own self. 
– Matthias Dominic Indra

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