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  • A big thank you for your support. You rock.
  • Your name will be handwritten and added to the site's thank-you page! If you prefer to have a different nickname or be anonymous, let me know.
  • I will post hi-res comic pages here as they go live on the site.
  • Access to stretch goals and some of the extra sketches posted when I can.
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Hello, I'm Jack. I create a webcomic called Bicycle Boy.
It's a post-apocalypse adventure about a lost cyborg dude who doesn't know who he is, and gets into all sorts of trouble trying to figure it out. The comic updates every Friday.

If you want to help me with the creation of this thing, then that's awesome, and I'm very, very thankful. & if you don't, that's totally cool too. I place importance on updating the comic in a timely manner over extra things. And I will finish this damn comic no matter what. I'll share extra sketches, concept art, WIPs, script excerpts & other original art with patreon supporters. I'll also show you other stuff I'm working on. :)

Every person who joins this patreon, whether for 1 month or for several years, will have their name (or username) handwritten and put on the thank you page for the website.

And if you're here for spicy art of my characters, come on into the Smoochy Swindler tier ($6) and I will hook you up with all the ship art you could possibly want. The other tiers ($1, $2, $5) are free of any debauchery.

No matter what happens, this comic will always be online for free.

You guys rock. Thank you for reading.

$179.43 of $200 per month
If we reach $200/month, I will do scheduled art streams with mic, where I'll work on art, you can ask questions, and I'll take art requests :).

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 429 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 429 exclusive posts

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