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About Monique L. Desir

Hello. I'm Monique L. Desir and I need time and security.
For almost twenty years I have worked as a public-school teacher. Unfortunately, Covid-19 showed up on the global scene and compromised by safety. I’m now at an impasse where I will be forced to resign, take an unpaid leave of absence, or continue to work in increasingly unsafe working conditions.

I love teaching. I love my students and of course I love my own children. Two of my three sons have asthma and I won’t even delve into my own underlying health issues. I’m between a rock and a guillotine. Either way, it’s messy, and I don’t like messes.

Besides teaching full time, I'm an author of science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories. I have won grants and scholarships from the Highlights Foundation. I’ve published two novels so far – the most recent one came out in 2017 and the third one is due out sometime.

Here's the problem, though: I have a full-time day job, and a writing career. Unfortunately, the writing career—like any small business—has become more than full time over the years. I have deadlines to meet and daily word count quotas to achieve.

I am incredibly passionate about my day job and considering the current circumstances that’s saying a lot... but I'm beyond tired and terrified. Working 9-ish-5-wish most days doesn't leave me with a lot of energy to write at the end of it, though I do anyway because that's how you finish a book. I have to choose between competing needs, however: write, or get some stress-relieving exercise? Write, or spend time with my children? Write, or do book promo work like blog posts or interviews? Lately I haven't been able to choose "write" as much as I should, so I'm behind schedule on book 1 of the Monster Rehab series. But really, the time crunch is taking a toll on every part of my life. I can't remember the last time I took a real, non-working vacation. I work, eat, work, sleep, work. (I make time for and cardio workouts. But that's it.) I'm not as healthy as I want to be due to stress and lack of time. I’ve lost two family members to Covid-19. I've also been losing sleep worrying about the safety of my children and myself during this surreal time. What will happen to my children if I don’t survive this? Is my will good enough? How will my nieces and aging parents fair?
Hello insomnia, my old friend.

No need to worry though; writing is good therapy. But something's got to give. And I've reluctantly concluded that it's time I devoted myself wholly to one career.

So why do I need a Patreon?

To supplement my income.

And here's the clincher: writing requires reflection -- a room of one's own, in both the physical and psychological sense. Yeah, I make stuff up, but all of the glittery, grimy, sparkly stuff comes from somewhere!

So what DO I want?

Time. Specifically, I want people to invest in my writing business so that I can be more productive. Here are the things I'd like to accomplish in the foreseeable future:

Finish and edit book two for Monster Rehab and Waking Dream Series.
Finish creating two of the four concept game ideas of Choice of Games LLC
Write a lot more short stories, and possibly put together a short story collection (or two!)
Write more side-stories set in the Gabriel Lennox series just for the heck of it!
Get started on my next novel project, for which I've already written most of it.
Sleep regularly. Eat better. Visit the nature parks for a good jog. Breathe. All of these things will aid me in writing.
How will your patronage help?

I want to quit my unsafe working conditions. An extra 40 hours/week will make a big difference for my writing productivity. I can do this, safely, if I find another way to earn $200/month.

My ultimate goal is to earn $2000/month. 

And that's it. I'm not looking to replace my day job income forever; $2000/month will be a hefty pay cut, actually. I just want the most "monthly" portions of my life covered.
While patronage is building, I'll provide monthly content, but at some point if it becomes clear that we won't reach month minimum, I'll fulfill that month's content and then cancel the Patreon. (The goal is to make my life easier, after all!) If this Patreon earns more than $100 per month within the first year, I'll incrementally be able to add the more fun perks at all of the tier levels.

Like what, you may be wondering? Bonus content per month! Drunk movie and video game reviews, dance workouts presented by yours truly! YouTube videos? Podcasts? Live Writing sessions via YouTube with some of my writing friends. Who knows?  You will!

Quid pro quo? What do YOU get?

All patrons from the $1/month level A dollar goes a long way! Thank you so much for your support. Each month you will receive adorable photos of Harvest and Apple, in addition to funny, clandestine tidbits about these two fuzz balls' Cat Lord. MEOW!

All patrons from the $5/month level and up will get access to monthly exclusive content, which you can digitally download and view as I post. At least once per month you will receive one of the following:

A test or draft chapter (in sequence) from one of my of forthcoming novels
A draft version of a new short story, or a trunked short story (I also like to call them Misfit Short Stories) I'm actively revising.

Unfortunately, these need to be drafts, because the stories will be "published" once I share them, and I may lose First Publication rights. Still, my drafts are pretty decent. You'll see what I share with my writing group, mentor, and author buddies. Some will be things just for patrons. My goal is to have fun and not add more layers of stress to an already stressful situation. :)

Want to contribute more than $5/month? Cool. I'm adding some stuff that will be exclusive for people who contribute at higher levels -- videos, thank you calls, signed copies, dance fitness videos (laugh and shimmy with me —lol) that sort of thing.
Let's do this!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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