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About katherine Marion

LOVE IS A MAGICAL JOURNEY is my first published book of Poetry. 
One year of my loving life!

My beloved Mom has just passed away. My Teen Rapist and previous convicted Child Murderer; soon died behind the bars i kept him behind .. for over 34 years. There was a known Pedophile living in our big, fancy building in W. Vancouver, B.C.,  MCFD  - due to a dark cloud of envious .. slander, was attempting to steal my son  again, at age 12. I had split up with my beau, after he blamed me for his mid-life crisis .. of a nervous breakdown. I was hemorraging from my nose and throat, for the first time in my life. Our ease was so expensive that i began doing massages to bring in more money for our healing, healthy lifestyle - 100 % raw, vegan for over 15 years. And, this is just some of what was happening around and unto me - during these trauma-inducing, mind harrowing 12 months. 

How i have taught myself to transform .. since i was very young - is to write. 
Poetry is cathartic. 
And, i am a primary example of such enduring .. Truth. 

Of all of the hilarious, striking, wild, wonderful, loving, comical .. poems to be found within this victorious volume; never would anyone even be prone to assume .. half or any of what i have shared - above - was hellishly taking place in my luscious life. 

Already many more volumes .. of Poetry books . have since been writen. 

In order to fund a very successful book launch, buy more books from my Amazon distributor, hire a helper or two .. look after our 2 loving Bro & Sis Labs , and pay an inflated price for rent - until i am able to afford to own - exercise my body, exorcise my rights and further empower myself - with a couple of well placed Law Suits- i am requesting much needed and more than gratefully appreciated financial funding and supportive backing. 

$0 of $5,000 per month
Blow-your Mind Vancouver, B.C., Book Launch 
Media Kit and Publicity; Posters,, Promo, etc
Purchase a few hundred of my books from my Amazon distributor.
Send out a dozen or so volumes to famed Poets and Writers.
Received testimonials. 
Bring in Live Entertainers 
Have a Costume Created for my Pure of Heart .. Performance
Book a Talented Photographer 
Possibly Create a Conscious Compendium of Befitting Photographs of myself .. to act as allegorical evidence 
Simply to do the best - i can in conveying .. how my heart feels and the worthiness of going deep inside . to each and every blessed one of us - share our authentic selves. 
Thank you.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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