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Hi, I'm Ghoul King.

This is fairly straightforward: I have only so many hours in the day available to create the things I make, and more money will free up more hours for creative and analytical work and, down the line, improve the quality, variety, and speed of my work as I can better afford to purchase relevant tools. You can make that happen.

Here is an example of my overall approach to analyzing games.

It's probably accurate to think of me as harsh but not cruel. I'm not going to politely pretend a game has no failings just because it's overall fairly good, and I'm certainly not going to go along with others and declare a game good simply because it's popular, but I try not to insult creators for having flaws in their work. Creative work is hard, and if you're making something genuinely original it's basically inevitable there will be growing pains, choices that made sense at the time but don't suit the final product, and so on. Furthermore, I'm more interested in using the failings of a given game to better understand what does and does not work and why than I am in castigating people for failing -understanding is my aim, not verbal punishment.

Here is an example of the kind of analysis I perform on non-game fiction.

I don't think I'm as coherent on such topics as on game design, but viewcounts consistently show people find me more interesting when I talk about story design than when I talk about game design, so I guess I'm wrong. You're probably better-positioned to understand the appeal than I am, so I'll leave it at that.

Here is a sample of my original fiction, though you can also find short stories of mine on this Patreon.

The art you see on this page is mine, incidentally, though I don't consider drawn art a strong suit of mine and I don't draw very often.

I'm not going to give a passionate emotional speech about why you should help make this happen. I'm a big believer in a person's work standing on its own, and an impressive "sell" would only illustrate my skill in being convincing. It wouldn't illustrate what makes my work worth supporting.

If you like my work and think it's worth seeing more of it, then become a Patron. If you don't... I'm not going to try to talk you into doing it.

I will talk about: why Patreon?

Because you can't put a purchase price on insight. You can't sell this kind of thing, not to an individual, and not necessarily to a crowd either, and even when it comes to my fiction I'm more about keeping my work freely available, which means not putting a price on it, which makes it difficult to feed myself with it in a direct sense.

So if you want to chip in a few bucks to help me focus on my work, maybe spread word about, awesome. If not, I hope you at least get value out of my work.

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