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is creating the youtube channel "Evolving with G" and diegocaleiro.com



About Diego Caleiro

I've read a bunch of stuff so you don't have to.

Accelerating intellectual western progress. Now with evolution. 

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Interviewing intellectual guests, replying to questions and exploring the complexities of our world from a Darwinian perspective. From group selection to politics, from multiverses to sexual strategies, let`s delve into a different glimpse on reality.
Some possible future topics
Information Theory and Love
Bonobo Libertarianism
Fashonable Lice
Metaphors and Superintelligence
Monogamous Sexual Strategies and the rise of Donald Trump
Group Selection... in bed 
The shared origin of grammar and mythology

If you'd like to see those turn into reality, help the Patreon campaign. I don't profit from this - yet, growth mindset - and the next few things we need money for is buying decent equipment for running a great interview channel.

Description of the fragments that compose me:

A little history: 
I gave the first TED talk about Effective Altruism and participated in the movement's creation.
Co-Directed/Founded two science heavy NGOs that attempt to help make the far future come to be and be worth fighting for. 
Wrote a book teaching you how to think impactfully within philosophy, like Dennet does. 
I've been a visiting fellow at Oxford, MIRI, Leverage Research, FHI and currently am at Berkeley University. Full CV.
I presented or taught in campuses at World Social Forum, Google, Berkeley, U São Paulo, UF Rio de Janeiro, U Campinas, New Orleans,  Effective Altruism Global. 

But I think You are more important than all these institutions and arcane structures! So I hope we can share a ride and think together on Youtube, let the evolutionary free for all educate us all! 
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According to WaitButWhy's patreon account, running a blog costs 12,000. I could try to do the math on my own, but I'm assuming that for basic survivability level will be about half of that, so I'll leave this here as a goal! 
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