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About Eric Kelly

Hi, my name is Eric Kelly. I've been reviewing games for over three years for various independent websites. After the first year, I decided to take the initiative as a freelancer, reaching out to publishers directly for review copies. I'd then write for the sites I mentioned above. Some examples would be the Boston Bastard Brigade. I've managed to get pretty far in my efforts, even going on Youtube to either do Let's Plays of games. I've also tried video reviews of snacks, drinks, or other games as opposed to just writing about them. But none of these sites can pay me, and monetizing on Youtube is largely a bust. That's where you come in. I've had people say that they appreciated my work, so it's only fair that they have the ability to give back. I also do a podcast called RPGrinders( and If I were to get paid, I could afford new hardware, which would let me consistently put out more and improved content. My volume of output is already pretty high, but I want to be able to do more, so I hope I can convince you to throw just even a dollar my way. My finances will appreciate it.
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Even just getting $100 dollars a month will help give me some breathing room to manage my costs of living. Most of my pay from my full time job goes right into bills and rent.
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