Ashley Meyer

is creating mostly oil paintings
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You will see much more frequent posts. These will mostly be process pictures of artworks I'm currently working on. 
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I'll be posting pictures from my sketchbook for the $3 tier patreons.

Digital Prints
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$5 Patrons will get a high quality 6x4 (postcard size) digital print every month. If you a have a specific print in mind (note, these will be of artworks I've already done) please let me know and I'll do my best to make sure you get it. 




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About Ashley Meyer

Beauty, History, Legacy. In a nutshell, I am a Catholic artist with an avid love for art history- I draw my inspiration from the many great artists who brought an immense beauty into this world. 

I understand that I am one person who is only on this earth for a brief period of time, while art has the ability to last forever. To speak to future generations about the time it was created. 

With this page, I want all of us to work together to leave this world better than we left it. Not only to create beautiful art to inspire those we leave behind, but also to help those in need now. That's why 20%-50% of my artwork sold (including prints) goes to services for children with special needs, mothers in crisis, homeless, and even ecological conservation. 

Thank you very much for visiting this page. 

$196 of $500 per month
I want the art to provide good to the greater community. 20%-50% of all sold paintings and prints do already go to charity, but I want to have a tier where 50% of $50+ Patreons' monthly donation goes to Children's Healing Art Project- or a nonprofit that provides similar services to your hometown (this goes to Patreons who give more, so if someone wanted to donate $80, then CHAP get's $40 a month as long as that patron donates).

Children's Healing Art Project is a group that provides art workshops and classes to both children with special needs and children who are hospitalized. I've volunteered for them in the past and they are wonderful people providing a wonderful service to the community. 

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