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About Thomas Courtney Click

Deep Blue Saloon ( is a novel (fiction/thriller). First and foremost, the book is my ode to the beauty of the world's coral reefs, where I have spent the happiest moments of my life, and it's also an expression of my concern for their current decimation. Deep Blue Saloon is a novel full of color, conflict, and action, but it's also an exploration of my deeper interests as a writer: how we are molded by traumatic events; how we face fear; and, how we find and enforce our own grip on reality. I believe you'll find it to be gritty, fun, and very wet, too. But I feel that the most important theme woven into Deep Blue Saloon is how human culture on the planet struggles to balance short-term desire with long-term vision.

It was my own intrigue with the conflict between economy and environment that inspired me to write Deep Blue Saloon. I wanted to plunge my readers into an exciting and colorful world where they could see for themselves the stunning, vivid, and psychedelic beauty of the ocean depths. A world where they could also witness the greed, excess, and corruption of the persons that would trade it all away to make a quick buck. And a world where my protagonist, Branch Curry, genuinely must struggle to make his own tough choices over which way to go. But usually, he just wants to go down; you see, he's got a serious addiction to nitrogen narcosis.

Deep Blue Saloon is my first novel. Kirkus Reviews said..."Gripping...a swift and thrilling read."  Now it is time for me to begin the tough task of adapting Deep Blue Saloon into screenplay format. I have already received interest from film producers, but it will be necessary for me to complete the screenplay myself in order that the book's true environmental message will remain intact. Your patronage here will go toward that effort. It is my vision to see the glory of the coral reefs displayed on the big screen, along with the story of how they are threatened by development and by the dumping of raw sewage by cruise ships.

I've also had shorter works published in Cobalt Review, Literary Juice, Rathalla Review, and The Westerner.  I have a Master's degree in Creative Writing from Western New Mexico University. Please go to for more info.
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