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About The Civilian

The Civilian is New Zealand's premier source of satirical news.

Written primarily by satirist Ben Uffindell, it is a labour of love project that, over time, has become difficult to financially support. By pledging to The Civilian, you're enabling a publication that tens of thousands of New Zealanders look to, to make them laugh about the news of the day, and provide cutting commentary on current affairs.

The Civilian is a project for you, and your support of it not only makes it possible, but also contributes to the health and growth of sorely-needed satire in New Zealand.

In return for your donation, The Civilian is promising 5-10 articles most weeks of the year, with the exception of weeks containing public holidays, and Christmas holidays.

The Civilian will also promise to cover every major New Zealand news event of the year (within reason and the bounds of common decency). 

(Please be aware Patreon is USD, not NZD)

Here are some of the articles we've published over the years:

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