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About Music of Mackfoo

Hi, I'm Mackfoo and 52. I’ve been a musician since I started playing trombone in grade school. My band mates in high school gave me the nickname Lil’ Mac which became Mack as I grew up (and Mackfoo when I played online video games). I joined the Navy fresh out of high school (but not as a musician) and as I moved around I played with a lot of different voluntary on-base and community bands/orchestras. When I retired from the Navy I returned to Idaho and began attending musical jams regularly with my trombone. Over the years, I have collected and attempted to play many different musical instruments with various levels of success. Today I play trombone, trumpet, bass and drums competently enough to get paid gigs and perform regularly in the Boise, Idaho area.

For a few months in early 2019, on and off, I would wake up hearing a guitar solo and parts of a song in my head. I had never tried to write any music and I am not a good enough guitarist to play what I was hearing so I really didn't know what to do with it. In June 2019, I purchased some software (Guitar Pro 7.5) and was able to write out the part by slowly picking around on the guitar and typing in the notes on my computer. After a couple of days I had written the song "Zoning Out" with all the guitar, bass, drums and keyboard parts. The next day I wrote some lyrics. I found the whole experience very satisfying which led to writing a dozen more songs during the month. I am still writing often and hope to perform and eventually record some of them with my bands. I would really like to make a compilation album of several local Boise bands playing my songs.

Here is my problem.  I have a lot of instrumental demo songs in different styles and no good way to share them with people.  I tried Soundcloud but it is mostly full of bot accounts trying to sell fake followers. I also tried Bandcamp, it seems ok for direct sales but I don't really have finished products yet or any good way to advertise what is there for sale.  I want to get my songs out to a wider audience.  I need feedback on how to make my songs better. The small price to participate in the process should weed out the haters and identify the people willing to invest a small amount for direct access to the creative process and the products we create together. You can hear my previous work for free at:
Here is how it works: 
  • Pledge at any level and get access to download all the previous work. I will make sure that at least one new product is released per week: maybe a new song, some lyrics for an older song, a studio recording or live performance of a song, perhaps a special request from a member, etc.
  • Pledge at $5 or higher and you also get to be part of the creative process with access to the private discussion group on Facebook. Lets make music together!
  • BONUS:  Make helpful critiques, suggestions, recommendations, or other posts to the discussion group and I will upgrade your benefits to the next pledge tier for the duration of the following month!
  • Quit anytime.  You will lose your access but you can still enjoy all the music you previously downloaded as long as you want!

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When I reach $500 in earnings I will purchase better software with more realistic sounding instruments.
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