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About Mental Dialogue

Thank you for your consideration in supporting the Mental Dialogue Patreon page and joining other Truth Seekers to become a part of  the MENTAL DIALOGUE (MD) Community Club.  CONTACT US @ 404.604.9477.  MD is a self awareness community dedicated to improving the way African-Americans think in order to re-position ourselves in American society. Our mission is to "TO CREATE A NATIONWIDE VIRTUAL NEIGHBORHOOD WHERE AFRICAN-AMERICANS LEARN TO TRADE IDEAS, GOODS, & SERVICES THROUGH SOLUTION FOCUSED FELLOWSHIPS VIA MEETUPS, PODCASTS, AND SOCIAL MEDIA.

Currently we focus on our mission through the MENTAL DIALOGUE TALK SHOW (internet only) every Saturday 10am-12pm EST on (please subscribe) and our live events here in Atlanta known as the MENTAL DIALOGUE LIVE XPERIENCE (MD Live X) as well as our ever expanding online events MD CommUNITY Club CONNECTIONS and our newest event CommUNITY Check Up: "Y'all Aight?" (a mental health zoom video conference call).

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN!!!  It is only with your support that we can complete this mission.  Do you want to be a MD Supporter or a MD Member?  Or maybe you're a business owner and want to advertise to our 3500+ followers by becoming a SupporterGold Level Member, Platinum Level Member, or Black Level Member 

If you're in Atlanta you may  have attended a MD Live X, which is our community focused event designed to encourage critical thinking skills & cultivate business relationships through intellectual discussions.  Each event also features at least one Black-owned business to encourage Black Economic Empowerment, and overtime this organic network has birth multiple testimonies of Truth Seekers working together and business owners finding customers & clients.  With your support we can expand the MD Live X, so YOU too can hangout with professionals, tradesmen, artisans, and business owners in your city at least once month. Your MD Patreon will help us reach our ultimate goal of having a nationally recognized podcast and expand MD communities to major cities leading up to our first MENTAL DIALOGUE NATIONAL CONVENTION IN 2020!!!

BLACK SOCRATES SPEAKS...As the founder of Mental Dialogue when I look at the  landscape of America,  I still see my community on the bottom of the proverbial totem pole; hence my life long dedication to improving the plight of African-Americans here in the U.S, as well as Africans throughout the African Diaspora.  I actually believe in the unity and brotherhood of all people, however I think African-Americans due to our unique (and brutal) history here in America are generally blocked from that viewpoint; and do not sit at the world table of brotherhood as equals.  In order to remedy this I believe it will take a myriad of opinions, beliefs, and thoughts to raise our awareness to a point to effect True change in our community; therefore, at Mental Dialogue we do not subscribe to any specific ideology, religious, or political belief.  In order to drive action in the African-American community, we must first overcome our distrust of one another, psychologically, hence the name MENTAL DIALOGUE.  I think we do this by promoting critical thinking and learning to disagree without emotion--this will lead to practical solutions.  Malcolm X said it best when he said, "never confuse the method with the objective," and at Mental Dialogue our guiding principle is "if we bring good and smart people together, good and smart things will happen."

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As a unique business model without a blueprint to follow we've only promoted the Mental Dialogue LLC through social medial platforms (facebook, meetup, intstagram, etc), but have yet to obtain an official website. Our first goal with your help is to have a professional website done. We've already bought the domain name but need your help to go live.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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