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Hi I’m Will Santino. I’ve been inventing and sharing stories for as long as I can remember. I can’t imagine wanting to do anything else with my life. I'm so excited that you've found my Patreon and are interested in joining me on this journey. 

You probably know me for my cartoons. I submit eight cartoons every week to The New Yorker, and release all eight of them (unless one was accepted) to my patrons the following Monday. I'll post them occasionally to Facebook or Instagram as well, but my Patrons get to see MANY cartoons I've never shared anywhere else!!


I've also been working on a fantasy novel called THE CANDLEFROG CHRONICLES. As of right now (12/2/19) I've finished a first draft, and I'll be jumping back into it soon.

So what is the Candlefrog Chronicles? The Candlefrog Chronicles takes place in the Land of Gand, in the country of Ohio, where the Storm Church controls the weather and rules over the Patchlands, and where cats, whose dark magic was once feared by all, are now extinct.

Or so Ohioans thought.

Then a black cat named Vanderbell Witherwisk visits Pella P’taleon at midnight on the eve of Stormday, and gives her a little red book. Her life will never be the same.

Joined by Ully Elynod, a naive and wonder-filled Candlefrog, and Mirielle Cray, an old woman who lives in a grasshopper, Pella’s adventures take her to a Whoostling in the Windyhills, to Doquilozond, the grand library of the Candlefrogs, and face to face with the dark truth about Ohio, and the future of her soul.

Vanderbell looked at the Tabberwoosh and then back at Pella. His green eyes met hers, but he spoke to the Tabberwoosh. "The girl knows cat magic. I don't know how, and I don't why. But I intend to train her. It may be our only hope."

While writing this novel, I’m also making up, mapping, and illustrating the Land of Gand, which has existed in my head and on paper for about seven years. If you might be interested in an empire of pigs who worship technology (the Tilhilnilians), tamarins who live in turtle ships (the Sobaloopsians), and time-foxes who tend the hour-gardens in vast underground caves (the Cadazquilazians), then you’ll love Gand, the strangest, most wonderful world you’ve ever visited.

So, Why Patreon?
I support myself by drawing for a studio, which is very cool. However, if I do that full time, it’s really hard to work on my own stuff. I’ve done that before. Drawing for 40 hours a week, and putting in another ten to finish a personal project? It burns you out. Hand-longevity is a serious concern, too. So, I’ve made the decision to work part time. I’ll be working (drawing) for 20 hours a week, which is enough for me to get by, financially, month to month. But not by much.

Patreon's impact on creators is achieved through an accumulation of individual enthusiasms. Small pledges make a big difference. But what's extra cool and unique about Patreon is that by becoming a patron at any level you get cool rewards, a well as the rewarding knowledge that you’re genuinely helping a creator create the creations you love. For just $5 a month, you'll get to see eight new cartoons every week, plus other content shared exclusively here. These rewards will likely evolve overtime, as I learn what things my fans value more. Either way, thank you so much if you've even read this far down.

So climb aboard the Turtleship, and welcome to The Land of Gand! Enjoy my cartoons :)

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When I reach 300 patrons, I will create a video explaining the history of the Land of Gand (AKA Nehemia), which is where windywogs, Sobaloopsians, Tilhilnilians, Candlefrogs, and Potangopangians all live. Aren't you a little curious? 
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