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About Wonderful World of Car Culture (WWCC)

We at WWCC are a group of artist who create films, videos and photography on the subject of car culture. 

Alexander , Joe, Bico, Bill, Adrian, Mark and Peter (and in Europe: Mark, Stefan and Tony) are directors, producers, cinematographers, photographers, sound-men, editors and drone pilots, passionate about cars.

We admire, collect, restore, own or race cars. As filmmakers we are fascinated by the stories of cars and the people who love them. That is why we created a company that is specialized in shooting cars. Combined, over the years, we have shot over hundred car-films as service for clients or a networks.

Why Patreon:
There are so many incredible car-stories out there worth telling and they are so diverse that they don't fit one formula. The films we will be creating with your contribution will touch the driver's sole.  In order to do that we need creative freedom.

The way art lovers look at art is the way car lovers look at cars. To us they are multi dimensional art forms. And with your contribution we can finally do films exactly the way we want, which means the way car enthusiast want them (you):
Truthfully and authentic - not made for a clients but made because they are great stories that need to be told.

Only with full creative freedom can we make this web-series the best on the net. 

What exactly:
In our web-seris we will explore amazing car stories. Fascinating stories of cars and of the people who own, restore, collect, race, love and even build them. With enough patrons we will be producing one films per month featuring each time an extraordinary "car person" that does something amazing with, for, through or because of cars. Here is the teaser for the first film we want to make: 
An incredible car built by a driven artist. 

But most important:
Support! This new film and many films after that will not get made without your support. It is easy just hit the red Pay to unlock / Become a patron button on the top right and chose your amount with the associated rewards. That's it. 

The 12-part TV-show GT RACER that we produced a few years back has an average 4.25-star-rating (out of 5) on Amazon Video. Our Vimeo page, though only for business to business, has well over 130,000 views. Our films on Youtube have over million views. 

$0 of $10,000 per month
Very first item on the list is the Pilot film for our web series. Shooting exiting car films is not easy. It requires sophisticated equipment, skilled artist a lot of time and access to wonderful cars and people. If you want to know our style take a look at our Vimeo Page.

This new web-series will highlight colorful character that are certifiably car crazy. We shoot interviews with them that let us explore their passion and the cars they love. We shoot exiting driving shot on the road and on the track, wonderful details of cars and engines and then put it all together to jewel-like films that can be enjoyed by everybody. We will be creating a brand new genre just for car lovers.... 
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