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First of all, you get a huge THANKS for supporting my channel and for being a crazy fan...
You also get access to the "patron-only" feed right here.
Don't ask me what I will post there, but you might hear first about some new products that are being planned and videos I am working on... stuff you can't find anywhere else.
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You'll get access to "patron-only" videos once in a while. These can vary in nature... probably not gear demos, because those should be for everyone... but since we are creating a little community here, these can deal with pedal boards and Q&A sessions from inside my Patron Community.
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Obviously you get all of the above, but you'll also get a CD in the mail!
I am not just some guy on YouTube, I have produced tons of albums with some big names in the prog-rock genre and boxes of these are sitting right here. 
If you are one of those die hard fans who want to support my channel with a generous donation, then you should really have something in your hands that I wrote and produced.




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Hey everyone,
if you are here, you have probably seen some of my videos.

I am making money with them... a few bucks (really not more, trust me) from YouTube, some from affiliate links, I get to keep some gear (which I cannot eat) and some companies are actually paying me to produce a video for them.
I am doing OK.
However, I don't have the freedom to quit my day job, which is teaching guitar at a music school. That school provides me with my health insurance and the basic money I need to pay the house, the food, take the dogs to the vet etc.

So, if I want to be free of this job and create more great content for you guitar nerds, I needs another source of income and I am betting on my loyal fans to help me out. Help out with whatever you can. It doesn't have to be much. If my videos are helping you make choices about gear, that should be worth something to you. If they are just entertaining, that should be worth something to you. 
If you want me to travel to the trade shows around the world and report about the newest gear, that should worth something to you.

I am doing videos that are not about a specific piece of gear... no company is supporting me in this... but maybe it's worth something to you.

Please help me to quit my day job and dedicate every day to you, my fans.
$364.74 of $1,000 per month
My goal is to provide my viewers with unbiased reviews and great content.
In order to achieve this goal I need to be able to pay the bills, health insurance being a big part of it... and the dogs want to eat as well.
The more money I can make through your generous donations, the more I can be free to say what I like a bout gear and continue to be independent of the companies I review.
It is easy to take their money and say great things about their products. It is a lot harder to take a company's check and then trash their product... I have been doing that and it has worked so far, but it is kinda like walking on a razor's edge if you know that the first of next month is speeding towards you.
I would like to be able to report to you from the trade shows of the world and still know that my family is doing OK while I am not there... so please help me to achieve this goal for you, my viewers!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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