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Hiya folks!

So, do you guys remember how the front page of Oddly Developed Types used to say, "You know those type websites that haven't been updated since 1995? This isn't one of those sites. I am continually agglomerating new material as more research becomes available. Check back every few months, and see what new stuff we have to offer!" 

Ehm.  >.>  I guess that turned out to be a bit premature, didn't it?

So here's why the site has gone dead.  I used to work on Oddly Developed Types fulltime, but I wasn't making ends meet so eventually I had to go get a job.  Not a terribly great one, either.  To make a long story short, by the time I get home at the end of the day, I'm a potato.  And potatoes do not update websites.  (Or write books, or answer emails, or...)  It's a chicken and a egg situation: to make the website really profitable, I need to find time to work on it.  But I don't have time to work on because I have to work a job to get money.  It's a vicious, vicious cycle.

What to do? 

Well, I was thinking about it one day and had an idea.  I had considered Patreon before, but always dismissed it because I didn't have any time to post content, do rewards and whatnot.  However, it finally hit me that maybe I could try doing a passive Patreon.  What do I mean by that?  Well, here's what I'm thinking--this Patreon page will just be an overglorified placeholder.  I actually *won't* be posting new content regularly (no time, remember?), and you won't have to pay me anything, either.  Nope!  Instead, just pledge what you *would* pay if I could make new stuff, and I'll watch and keep track of how much has been pledged so far.  Sooner or later--over the course of a year or three--I hope that the pledged total will eventually reach the required value ($1,800 per work, per month), at which point I will know I have enough pledges "stored up" to safely unhook myself from the IV line of my real job.  Maybe it'll take awhile to get to that point, but hey, I figure slow progress towards a goal is better than no progress at all, right?  And no worries, you won't have to pay a cent until we actually reach the total and I start making stuff again. 

So to sum it up, I regard this Patreon drive as having one basic goal: to get enough people to pledge so that the total monthly pledge reaches $1,800.  At that point, I'll be back fulltime again and we'll have fun.  ;)  But until then, this Patreon page will be pretty much blank.  If I can manage any posts, they will be a rare and irregular thing. Mostly, I'll just be watching the counter and waiting for it to hit the magic number. If it takes one, two years, then that's okay; I'm going to be patient. Like an INTP trap spider.  ;)

And that's the whole idea.  I hope you like it, because it's the only one I've got!  If you're game, make a pledge.  It'll help me get this website back into shape, add new content, work on more books, and finish Island Types.  Thanks much!  :)

To Do List When the Website is Back

  • Comics, yeeesss....
  • Mongolia is a country with such a strong cultural preference for Perceiving that even their most hardcore Judgers are Perceivers by our standards.  So what happens when this clockless country is conquered by the Soviet Union, aka the Evil, Judging, Empire? 
  • Do type analyses on Winston Churchill; Lawrence of Arabia; John Winant (You haven't heard of him, but he was the American Ambassador to Britain during the Blitz.  One of my favorite INFPs.)
  • Do a write up of the fascinating research on how different American states have different type preferences.  (Did you know that Washington D.C. is the most Intuitive place in the country?  Does this fact make you want to laugh cynically?)
  • Write a better INFP post-apocalyptic story which involves lots of cats, a pinch of ingenuity, and some tiny little harnesses. 
  • ISTPs: Has Mother Nature programmed us to turn into uncanny ISTP killing machines in survival situations?  The frightening answer is that maybe yes.  
  • There was a throwaway comment in a multicultural type paper that mentioned a tribe of ENTPs.  Dig up the paper and see if that is really true!
  • Make an infographic debunking the cognitive functions.  Long overdue. 
  • Write up a summary of the most interesting type & brain scan work completed by Dario Nardi. 
$239 of $1,800 per An article, comic, or story
If/when this amount is reached, I can resume working on Oddly Developed Types fulltime. 
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