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I love gaming and streaming. However, the reality is that I'm a poor graduate student with a crap-ton of school loans. I've always given streaming priority (you know I'm on generally 7 days a week, 8 hours a day). In addition, I enjoy giving back to the community. However, it's not easy balancing all that while trying to improve the stream on my non-existent income. So I'm asking everyone to support yourselves by supporting me! With your help, I can focus on live gaming content and fun videos instead of looking into stripping ;D

All funds are used for ensuring a better stream and so Fate doesn't end up a hobo.
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Have you ever seen me dance? No? Probably for good reason, but now you will. I will create a video of me dancing one of the following: Gangnam Style, Caramelldansen, or Thriller. Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of accuracy or completeness of moves but there will dancing. (Milestone goal will change once completed.)
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