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About Your Infamous Harp

Early history
Andy and Sara began to collaborate in 2006. Defying strict categorization, their music, featuring angelic vocals atop intricately produced electronic beats, began to evolve across mediums, eventually into stories and games.

The pair incorporate an unusually diverse range of influences, from ambient to hardcore punk. Despite (or owing to) the range of influences, their sound is unarguably original.

Prah Suomafni Ruoy (2007)
Escapes From the Cage
Forever Transient (2010)

The cross-pollination of music and games fosters a unique and immersive experience. An experiment of randomly mixing music was successfully applied to their first game Geo-Duck, a non-linear 2d side-scroller with an infinite soundtrack. In 2010 they followed up with OctoQuest, a lo-fi action platform game that mashes up classic retro games with psychedelic electronic music.

Development of AUTOMAKHAN began in 2012 with a beta version available late 2016. The game is under active development and the web platform enables instant updates and content expansion. The game is free-to-play and runs in Firefox or Chrome browsers. It will never be pay-to-win, but eventually monetized with additional campaign content.

A Note From the Authors

Friends and family,

As of today, we have released 3 music albums and 3 web-games over the last 10 years. Our goal in creating has always been to craft meaningful and freely available content for humans (and animals alike) to gain inspiration. All of our music and games can be enjoyed online for FREE. Any money that we have received has been in the form of donations from generous citizens who value our work and their dollars have been put directly into our projects, at times through the consumption of delicious food.

If you enjoy our work, consider pledging $1/month so that we can continue to create music and games, perhaps with your guidance and direction.

Thank you much for your support and please enjoy!

- Andy & Sara
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