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  • Patron-only polls
  • I will read whatever you say to me and probably respond, unless you're being a jerk


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  • Yours is the drill that will pierce the fourth wall
  • Unconditional permission to act on OOC knowledge in any game I run
  • Weekly opportunities to acquire aforesaid knowledge
  • Plus all previous rewards


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  • Call up that which you have no idea how to put down
  • Once per lunar cycle, rend the veil and unleash an extraplanar incursion, or other devastating cataclysm of your choice, in any game I run where you control a specific character
  • Further consequences will play out according to the setting's internal logic (no "railroad plots")
  • Plus all previous rewards




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About JamesLeng & Mitsukara

I invent worlds. My wife helps. Everybody gets to watch what we've already made, for free, because the Internet's amazing like that. If you enjoy what you see, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell random strangers on the subway. If you think it could be better, give me money and/or tell me what's missing.

TGchan's wiki article about me

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A consistently adequate budget for food, water, soap, oxygen, ammonia, electricity, and other such things would free up my think-meats to exude more of the interactive content which you inexplicably seem to enjoy
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