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About Medicare Mermaids

It is well known that humor has the power to break through the knee-jerk defensive walls that have completely polarized Americans of differing political affiliations.  This Balkanization has resulted in the complete breakdown of our political systems; effectively making Party more important than Country.

Believing that the future of our country is dependent on effective communication between citizens of all political persuasions, we formed Little Pond Productions in late 2015 and launched Season 1 of Medicare Mermaids in March 2016.  Satirical and focused on Progressive issues, uses humor to motivate Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives to take action, to vote, and to be active in the current and future political direction of our country.  

While we hold strong to our Progressive values, the "Mermaids" welcome input from those on the Right who are open to rational conversation.  We believe that progress will be impossible unless we understand our fellow citizens and why they believe as they do.

We are a small group of Progressives that originally got together to support Hillary for President.
To that end we self funded the production of the six episodes of the Medicare Mermaids web series.  While our efforts to get Hillary elected were unsuccessful, we remain dedicated to become an ongoing Progressive political voice dedicated to supporting Progressive goals and promoting issues essential for for protection of our people, the ongoing success of our country, and in making the U.S. a nation that the rest of the world looks to for leadership.

Medicare Mermaids has had a great start.  In addition to almost one-million people viewing our web series, our ongoing visibility on social networks has established the Mermaids as a rational Progressive voice.  We also recently launched our STORE at where we sell Progressively oriented Tee-Shirts, mugs, and tote bags and look forward to expanding our line in the months to come.

We envision Medicare Mermaids as an ongoing political voice that can speak to the people for a long, long-time.  We know that people enjoy our web series and the fact that we utilize comedy and satire to address very serious issues.  They look to us for direction and the motivational energy to continue fighting for:
  • climate change legislation
  • immigration reform
  • universal health care
  • human rights, women's rights, minority rights, LGBTQIA rights, etc.
  • voting rights legislation
  • overturning "Citizens United"
  • improved public education
  • separation of church and state
  • criminal and prison reform
  • sensible gun control
  • a living wage
  • equal pay for equal work
  • reforming the Electoral College
To achieve this vision we need to find a way to make Medicare Mermaids self-sustaining.  To survive we must be able to support ourselves.

To begin the process of becoming self-sufficient, we recently opened a store on our Website to sell T-shirts, mugs, and tote bags sporting the issues we ardently support.  We also installed a DONATE tab on our website that gives our fans the opportunity to help fund our efforts through PayPal.  That said, the store has a long, long way to go before is can fund our projects and the DONATE tab is falling far short of meeting our needs.  
To meet our funding challenges we are launching a three-pronged solution.  
First, we are launching our Patreon campaign where fans can donate monthly to help us meet our needs.  
Second, we are begining to personally contact political groups, celebrities, and organizations with similar goals for sponsorship.
Third, we are looking to promote Medicare Mermaids within the entertainment community in order to secure greater national visibility.  

1.  Web Series production costs - including studio rental, equipment rental, stage production, hiring of production staff, post production work.
2.  Marketing and Ad Expenses - these include the cost to promote our Web Series episodes, Facebook post "boosts" to promote our message as well as events that we are supporting such as the "Women's March on Washington in LA"
3.  Ongoing Web development - we exist on a website and the internet, so there are always those troublesome glitches.  We also add new features to our site and look for better ways to promote ourselves on social media.  Because we don't have any programming skills we need to pay someone.
4.  Graphic Designers - while we have internally created all of the designs currently used in our store, we recognize that to make this store hyper-successful we need to employ designers to create cutting edge designs that appeal to our market while still supporting the causes in which we believe.
5.  MailChimp - This is a mailing service that we want to use to email posts out to a subscription list.  The fee grows as the list grows.
6.  One employee - we need someone to handle things like distribution requests, applications to web festivals, store upkeep, customer service, and other small administrative tasks.

Well, that's basically our story.  If we can achieve our goal of raising $12,000 per month Medicare Mermaids can support itself and achieve our stated goals.  We want to continue filming and distributing our videos and promoting the issues that we believe are so important to the success of our country.  With time we hope to find more ways in which the Mermaids can be influential in the future direction of our Republic.

$0.64 of $12,000 per month
When we receive $12,000 per month in donations we will have sufficient funds to film five new episodes of every 3 months.  We will also be able to assemble a permanent team that will allow the "Mermaids" to:
  • give voice to the Progressive community, 
  • to support causes in which we believe 
  • to fight against efforts to take away the rights we have fought so hard to achieve.
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