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About Olivier Laurent

In the early summer of 2018, I saw a gorgeous R2D2 trashcan advertisement on my Facebook. Interested, I entered the website. It had a clean design and it looked like a real shop; I checked their Facebook page and it seemed legit. I didn't think twice; it was just $24, so I bought it.

The bank disabled my credit card two weeks after the order. It was a phishing website.

A friend of mine told me that he’d have a similar experience. He is an engineer, and I am a professional web developer. I thought if both of us could get caught in phishing and and be deceived by fake websites, everybody is in danger, too. Do you think you could easily spot them when we failed? Maybe. Check my online test and see for yourself.

I started reporting these fake websites to Facebook, but it didn't seem to change anything. As a web developer, I could see patterns that I could use to flag them as a scam. It seemed so obvious, so why didn’t they do it!? So, I did it.

Checkthis.shop was in its beta phase two months afterward.

I have developed the core, its algorithm, and the extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox. I have also developed a small app for Android. I did all I could, by myself, with my own money. There are still so many tools to develop to protect the surfers.

Their techniques are evolving too. They used to host their websites in their homeland (China), it was an easy hint; now, they use western hosting services. They mostly used URL shorteners to hide their address; now, they use a worm in hacked websites. It is a cat-and-mouse game. I’ve had to tweak my detector several times.

I will need your help to protect the surfing population. It takes a huge amount of my time and I'm a freelance web developer. I don't want to make a pricey product; I want this technology to be free. If you share my concern, please support me and together, let’s make the internet a safer place. Thank you.

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