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About Dr. Triforce

So due to how unfortunately YouTube's ad revenue system is I am making this Patreon to help out. This Pateron is mainly to help keep videos going and to help improve them by allowing me to get artists and editors to help make the videos look and sound better and to get them to you sooner.

Q: Why can't you make money off ads on your videos?
A: Due to the topics I will be covering and games I'll be showing companies, mainly Nintendo, might or will flag my videos for a copyright claim.

Q: Won't your channel get banned if you have too many claims?
A: Luckily no. They are claims and not strikes so I won't lose anything but ad revenue

Any and all income will be used for:
- Audio Equipment
- Video Editing (Possible Editor)
- Artist
- Games to make videos on
- Future Projects
- Future Merch
- To be able to eat

I am supremely grateful for any and all support you have to give to help spread the word about how educational video games can be.

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